Outdoor rainproof power supply, use rainproof distribution box

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Rainproof distribution box is also a kind of dustproof and waterproof product. Its shell design is mainly made of stainless steel, mainly to make it have better rainproof and anti-corrosion effect. Rainproof distribution box is very suitable for other electrical equipment in the design of incoming and outgoing lines. When using, it is necessary to strictly prohibit the rainproof distribution box from contacting with metal sharp fracture and strong corrosive medium to avoid affecting its service life. In the interior of the rainproof distribution box, its circuit design needs to be qualified.


The rainproof distribution box is also designed for outdoor power supply. Because of the complex outdoor environmental factors, the cable laying inside the rainproof distribution box needs to be carried out according to the requirements.

Next Things to do when designing rainproof distribution box
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