Normal service life and service environment of the meter box

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The plastic meter box has certain functions such as UV protection, waterproof, insulation, etc. Its service life can be basically more than 20 years. It can be used longer if you pay attention to maintenance.


A customer once asked me if the meter box was waterproof? A meter box is installed on the exterior wall of the rental house, and clothes are hung under the eaves. However, the water drops may wet the meter box. The electrical products are charged in any way, but the use environment should not be ignored because the quality of the meter box is good. A good use environment can prolong the service life, and water vapor entering the electrical components for a long time is also a kind of damage to the meter box. Because ordinary meter boxes have heat dissipation holes and are not completely enclosed, if the weather conditions are high temperature and rainy, or there are corrosive gases, it is recommended to use other materials to ensure the safety of electricity.

Next I'm afraid the meter box won't fit. Can you customize the size?
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