Meter box door opening power-off device

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The meter box door-opening power-off device is a device designed for safety and usually consists of two main parts: a power-off switch and a switch triggering mechanism. A power cutoff switch is a device that cuts off the power supply when the meter box door is opened. It can be triggered manually or automatically. Manual triggering usually involves setting a switch button on the meter box door. When the user opens the meter box door, he or she needs to press the button to turn off the power. The automatic triggering mechanism can automatically cut off power based on the status of the meter box door, such as through magnetism, springs or other induction devices.

This design helps avoid electric shock accidents when maintaining or repairing the meter, and improves the safety of using the meter box. When installing and maintaining meter boxes, users should follow relevant safety regulations to ensure the reliability and stability of the power-off device.

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