Low voltage cable is selected for the incoming and outgoing lines of distribution box

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Selection of residual current operated protector. It is necessary to select products that meet the standard of GB 6829 General requirements for residual current operated protectors and are certified by IEC.

Similar to LJM (J) series power-saving and low sensitivity time delay protector can be selected.

The mode of protector device shall conform to the standard of installation and operation of residual current operated protective device.

When the leakage current is the rated leakage current, the breaking time of the leakage protector shall not be greater than 0.2S.

The incoming and outgoing lines of the distribution box shall be low-voltage cables, which shall meet the technical requirements. For example, vv22-35 × 4 cable is used for the incoming line of the distribution box of 30KVA and 50KVA transformers, and vlv22-35 × 4 cable of the same specification is used for the outgoing line; vv22-50 × 4 and vv22-70 × 4 cables are used for the incoming line of the distribution box of 80KVA and 100kVA transformers, and vlv22-50 × 4 and vlv22-70 × 4 cables are used for the outgoing line, The cable is crimped with copper aluminum connection nose and then connected with the connection pile head in the distribution box with bolts.

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