How to understand the electrical appliances and its working principle in a deeper level

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Electrical appliances generally refer to all electrical appliances. From a professional point of view, they are mainly used for making and breaking circuits, and changing circuit parameters,

Electrical devices, equipment and components to control, adjust, switch, detect and protect circuits or electrical equipment.

But now the term has been widely extended to the perspective of civil use. From the perspective of ordinary people, it mainly refers to some electrical equipment commonly used by families to provide convenience for life, such as television, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, various small household appliances, electrical appliances for lifting platform, electrical appliances for lifting and lowering machine, etc.

Classification by working principle

  1. Electromagnetic electrical appliances work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, such as contactors, various types of electromagnetic relays, etc.
  2. Non electric control electrical appliances that act on the change of external force or some non electric physical quantity, such as knife switch, travel switch, button, speed relay, temperature relay, etc.
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