How to solve the tripping problem of power distribution box?

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If there is a sudden power failure, everyone will be very upset. In fact, Xiaobian is the same! But since Xiao Bian understood the work of power distribution box, he naturally let go. Why? Because this is a good thing, such a problem must be better than the problem of home circuit. If the power distribution box trips after you use it, then the problem is serious. Although the design of power distribution box will add leakage protector, this is the first line of defense in our life, and also the last line. So if the power distribution box trips, how do we need to check and solve it!

This is very simple. We can open the door of the power distribution box. Remember to cut off the main power first! In case of tripping problem, we can first determine which circuit has the problem, and then turn on the switch to restore the power supply. If we can't judge which way is the problem, we can turn off all the switches in the power distribution box, and then send the power one by one in the following order: main switch, sub main switch, separate off, etc. when we turn on a switch, it can't be turned to the on position, which means that there is a problem in this part of the circuit. Then the next step is to check The problem has been solved.

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