How to operate the electrical ready board safely?

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The safe operation of your electrical ready board is key to ensuring proper operation of your home's electrical system and preventing electric shock. First, remember to turn off the main circuit breaker and make sure the power is disconnected before doing any work. Wear insulating gloves and use insulating tools during maintenance. Regularly check wires, sockets, and circuit breakers for wear, aging, or leakage. Avoid operating electrical equipment in wet environments to reduce the risk of electric shock. Do not modify electrical wiring without authorization. If necessary, please ask a professional electrician to do it. Clean the electrical ready board regularly to ensure there is no debris around it. When an abnormality or electrical equipment failure is discovered, please promptly ask a professional electrician to perform maintenance. Most importantly, stay alert and cautious and follow safe operating procedures to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your home's electrical system.

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