How to eliminate the hidden danger of power distribution box?

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Power distribution box can be used not only in the family, but also in some public places, mainly to ensure the demand of power supply. When the power distribution box is used for a long time, then it is also necessary to check some potential safety hazards and faults of the equipment. Next, let's talk about what kind of situation will lead to potential safety hazards of the power distribution box!

In the power distribution box, if there is a lot of dust or debris, it will make the equipment appear high temperature phenomenon, leading to equipment failure; So this is absolutely not allowed. The control circuit signs in the power distribution box should be clear and complete. When you find that the control switch signs in the box are missing or damaged, you should replace or supplement them immediately to avoid accidents. In view of the above questions, we have given you answers here, so we need to pay more attention when using it!

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