How should the meter box and SPDU be cleaned?

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Cleaning the meter box and SPDU is to ensure its normal operation, reduce the accumulation of dust and debris, and prevent the impact of moisture and other environmental factors on the meter. Here are the steps to clean your meter box and SPDU:

Power off: Be sure to disconnect the power supply before cleaning to ensure safe operation.

Use a clean soft cloth: Use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe the outer surface of the cabinet, and try to choose a lint-free cloth.

Avoid using water: It is not recommended to use water or wet cloth to clean the meter box and SPDU directly to avoid short circuit or damage to electrical components. Dust can be blown away with a hair dryer.

Clean the vents: Use a brush or hair dryer to clean the vents of the meter box and SPDU to prevent dust accumulation from affecting heat dissipation.

Check the wiring: Check the wiring in the meter box and SPDU to make sure the connection is tight and not loose or corroded.

Moisture-proof treatment: If the environment is humid, moisture-proof agent can be placed in the meter box and SPDU to prevent moisture from corroding electrical components.

The frequency of cleaning the meter box and SPDU depends on environmental conditions, but it is generally recommended to clean it at least once a year and inspect it regularly to ensure its normal operation and safe use.

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