How is the aging resistance of the ready board with bulkhead?

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The ready board with bulkhead has a PC box, which is processed and manufactured with new high-performance materials, and has advantages that ordinary materials do not have; The ready board with bulkhead has the characteristics of environmental protection, beauty and no light pollution, which is more suitable for the trend of creating an energy-saving and environmental friendly society advocated by today's society; The ready board with bulkhead also has many advantages, such as strong insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant and heat insulation, good toughness and so on. It is the preferred product for today's urban and rural power grid reconstruction projects.

The ready board with bulkhead can resist the corrosion of dilute acid, alkali and salt, and has good resistance to a variety of oils, organic solvents and seawater; Strong anti-aging performance, good anti-aging performance, the surface of the product is also coated with a layer of protective paint with strong UV resistance, double protection makes the product have higher anti-aging performance; The insulation of the ready board with bulkhead can reduce the influence of the environmental temperature difference on the internal temperature of the box, and effectively reduce the condensation and frost inside the box.

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