Electrical Distribution Box Installation Mistakes

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The Electrical Distribution Box is a very important part of the power system, improper installation will cause a lot of danger and loss. Here are some things that go wrong with an Electrical Distribution Box installation:

Poor contact of the ground wire: The ground wire is the safety guarantee of the Electrical Distribution Box. If the ground wire is in poor contact, it will lead to electric leakage and electric shock hazards.

Insecure wiring: Insecure wiring can cause wires to come loose, causing electrical failures and fires.

Insufficient overload and short-circuit protection: Insufficient overload and short-circuit protection will cause electrical equipment to burn out and cause a fire.

Wiring does not meet the specifications: wiring that does not meet the specifications will lead to electrical failures and fires, and the wiring should be done in accordance with the relevant specifications.

Improper installation location: The installation location of the Electrical Distribution Box should be selected in a ventilated, dry, non-humid and waterproof place.

Randomly changing the internal structure of the Electrical Distribution Box: Randomly changing the internal structure of the Electrical Distribution Box will cause the electrical equipment to fail to work properly, causing fire and other hazards.

In short, the installation of Electrical Distribution Boxes must comply with relevant specifications, and operators must have certain electrical knowledge and safety awareness to ensure the safe and stable operation of electrical equipment. If you encounter a problem that you do not understand, you should consult a professional in time.

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