Configuration and grounding requirements of lighting split meter ready board

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The configuration and grounding requirements of lighting split meter ready boards are important aspects to ensure the safe operation of the power system. Here are the relevant configuration and grounding requirements:


Configuration requirements

Circuit distribution: The lighting split meter ready board should distribute various circuits reasonably to avoid overload. The number of lamps controlled by each circuit should be within a safe range.

Switches and circuit breakers: Air switches and leakage circuit breakers of appropriate specifications should be installed in the split meter ready board to protect circuit safety.

Wiring specifications: Internal wiring should be neat and standardized, use well-insulated wires, and indicate the purpose and number of each circuit.

Grounding requirements

Protective grounding: All metal shells and split meter ready boards should be reliably grounded, and the grounding resistance should comply with national standards (generally required to be less than 4 ohms).

Repeated grounding: When possible, the split meter ready board should be repeatedly grounded to improve grounding reliability.

PE wire connection: The PE (protective earth) wire in the split meter ready board should be reliably connected to the grounding terminal board, and ensure that the cross-sectional area of ​​the grounding wire complies with specifications.



Installation and maintenance should be performed by professional electricians.

Regularly check the integrity of the grounding system to ensure that the grounding resistance is within the acceptable range.

Avoid mixing ground wires and neutral wires to avoid safety hazards.

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