Beware of electrical ready board “fire”

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To prevent electrical ready board fires, a series of preventive and safety measures should be taken. First, regularly check cords, sockets, and electrical equipment to ensure they are not damaged or overloaded. When installing the electrical ready board, qualified electrical equipment should be selected and installed by a professional electrician. It is forbidden to stack flammable items near the electrical ready board. Keep the surrounding area clean and ensure ventilation.


Discover and repair electrical faults promptly to prevent leakage and short circuits. Install overload protection switches and leakage protectors to ensure that the power supply can be quickly cut off under abnormal circumstances. Do not pull or connect cables in the electrical ready board without permission, and keep the cables firmly connected. Keep wires from being exposed to avoid the risk of electric shock.


Finally, ask a professional electrician to perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment, wires and cables. Through these measures, the risk of fire in the electrical ready board can be effectively reduced and the electrical safety of residents and buildings can be ensured.

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