Attention shall be paid to the service conditions of glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box

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The first thing to pay attention to when using the FRP meter box is to pay attention to the use conditions, because the meter box has high requirements for temperature; A Ambient temperature: - 40 °~+80 ° C, and the average temperature shall not exceed+35 °. B The air shall be clean, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80% at 40 ° C. Higher relative temperature is allowed at lower temperature.


The cover of the GRP meter box is made of imported weather resistant polycarbonate (PC), and the bottom of the box is made of flame retardant ABS and PC/ABS alloy engineering plastics; It has high insulation performance, high transparency, UV resistance, aging resistance, acid rain resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high impact strength, and good rain proof, dust proof, ventilation, heat dissipation and other functions, with a normal service life of more than 20 years;

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