Analysis On Insulation Requirements Of Terminal Block

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As a kind of accessory product to realize electrical connection, the terminal block material and insulation performance requirements are relatively high. The first is appearance: insulation terminal products, which are as good as all products, are just like a handicraft, which makes people happy. Many terminal companies understand that the appearance and quality of products play an important role in user experience. Terminal blocks must be easy to install on site as they are often mounted on the front of the product panel that is easy to see. Secondly, the material selection of terminal is better: high insulation resistance is required. Flame retardant engineering plastics should be used for insulating parts, and iron should not be used for conductive materials; plastic insulating materials and conductive parts of terminal blocks are directly related to the quality of terminals, which determine the insulation function and conductive function of terminals respectively. The failure of any terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering. therefore, when selecting terminal blocks, we must select the terminal products with good insulation performance, and select them according to different uses or insulation requirements. The insulation performance of our products has always been checked from raw materials. For the plastic shell produced by the injection molding department, we will carry out on-site inspection. Before the product assembly, we must go through repeated shell tests to ensure that the insulation performance reaches the standard, and then it will be put into mass production.

Next Application Of Terminal Wire Connector
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