AC & DC Combiner box

Ac Combiner Box

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Ac Combiner Box

Ac Combiner Box

For large PV power generation system,In order to reduce the grid connection between the grid-connected inverter and the cabinet, it is convenient to maintain and improve the rlibilitylt is necessary to add a DC bus between the PV grid-connected inverter and the cabinet.PV AC lightning protection combiner box series products of the company is specially designed to meet this requirement,Can be composed
of PV inverter products matching with complete PV system solutions.Using Ac combiner box,the user can according to the AC power cabinet rated input current and voltage, the output of a certain number of grid connected inverter by lightning protection device and circuit breaker for confuence, convenient access level power cabinet.

Techinical Data

Ac Combiner Box Techinical Data

Internal Layout and Dimension

Ac Combiner Box Internal Layout and Dimension