Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker

IEC Outdoor HV SF6 Circuit Breaker LW35-126

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IEC Outdoor HV SF6 Circuit Breaker LW35-126
IEC Outdoor HV SF6 Circuit Breaker LW35-126 IEC Outdoor HV SF6 Circuit Breaker LW35-126

China LW35-126 IEC standard outdoor high voltage SF6 gas insulated circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz and 126kV voltage class with altitude no higher than 3000m. It is used for cutting rated current, fault current or circuit exchange,  realizing control and protection of the power system. This product adopts SF6 as arc-distinguishing and insulation media, and uses international most advanced auto arc-distinquishing technoloay, equipped with new type spring operating mechanism, it has advantages of long service life, operation friendly, light noise, high reliability and competitive price. Rockwill Electric Group is now looking for great partners around the world for exploring the global market together. If you have any interests, please feel free to contact us!


Rated Voltage: 126kV

Rated Current: 2500A/3150A

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current: 31.5kV/40kV

Rated Short Circuit Making Current(peak): 80kV/100kV

Rated Short Time Withstand Voltage: 31.5kV/40kV

Rated Short Circuit Standing Time: 4s

Operation Altitude: <3000m

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